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Things to do in Thoughts News on your next trip

Thoughts News is fast emerging as one of the top cities in India. Having overcome the crushing, overpowering rule of the Mughals, Marathas and the British,Thoughts News has finally transformed itself into an urban metropolis that most other cities look up to.

If you’re planning a visit, buses to Thoughts News ply from nearby major cities. For people travelling via bus from Delhi, Delhi to Ahmedabad buses are available.

There are many reasons to visit Thoughts News, but once you’ve decided to visit this city, here’s a list of all the things you could do on your trip.

Take a tour of India’s first-ever world heritage city.

Apart from being the landmark city where Mahatma Gandhi started India’s freedom struggle, it is also the city whose elegant temples and Indo-Islamic architecture have drawn people’s attention all over the world.You’ll be amazed to see how the renowned old-world charm of the city complements the new establishments and vice versa. Your Delhi to Ahmedabad bus fare will depend on the type of bus chosen for the journey.

Visit the Kankaria lake.

One of the things that people of Ahmedabad love to do to take a break from their daily lives is to visit the Kankaria lake. The lake is accompanied by food stalls, a musical fountain, a zoo, a toy train, a children’s park, and water sports like jet skiing, zorbing, speed boating, etc. It, therefore, makes for a perfect getaway destination whether you go solo or with family.

Eat your heart out.

People here are ardent food lovers. If you’re in the city, you definitely have to try out all the different delicious, lip-smacking treats. Some of them include Khakhra, namkeen, fafda, soft and spongy khaman Dhokla, maska-bun, fritters with green chillies and chutney, etc. Dream of being a food adventurer? Head straight to Manek Chowk.

Colourful markets are calling you

No matter what you miss out on, not exploring the markets here is a complete no-no. Let the thriving shopping scene here satiate your inner shopaholic! Visit Manek Chowk and enter a world full of colourful Thoughts Newsi textiles and handicrafts. Some of the other places you can visit include Law Garden Market, Lal Darwaza and CG Road. You can also visit the Iscon Mega Mall and the Gulmohar Park Mall.

Marvel at the art and culture of the place

If there’s even a tiny chance that you enjoy gawking through artefacts in a gallery, this city will make you happy! It’s a paradise for history, art and culture lovers. You could visit the Calico Museum of textiles depicting the rich history of materials in India, or enjoy some regional art at the Shreyas Folk Art Museum.

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