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Florida Such a Popular Place for Retirement?

Every year thousands of retirees relocate to Florida from all over the USA to live out their final days in this southern state. Why is Florida such a popular place for retirement?

The Weather

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and this is no surprise as the weather can be hot for most of the year. This is great for older people who suffer from joint pain or other complaints that can be helped by living in a warm climate. The weather also means that they are likely to enjoy the great outdoors more which is good for physical ailments as well as mental health.

Health Care

As you get older you tend to need more healthcare, and this can worry older Americans. Many of them research the healthcare that is available to them in a new state before they consider moving. In Florida, most adults over the age of 65 can apply for Medicare and many younger people that suffer from disabilities are eligible too. As there are lots of older people living in Florida it makes sense that there are more places to receive medical care too.

Tax Breaks

The tax breaks in Florida are great for the older generation, meaning they can keep more of their money and live a more comfortable lifestyle than they might be able to elsewhere. There is no state income tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax. The state does not charge taxes for retirement income or income from social security. This means that there are some great tax breaks to be had by the older generation in this state.


Florida is surrounded by the sea, so it is possible to buy a great home with an ocean view without having to spend a fortune. As retirees get older, they often decide to move into assisted living facilities such as Belmont Village, for senior living, South Florida. There are some fantastic facilities in the state as they are used to catering to the older generation and know what type of accommodations and care packages to offer.

Social Life

Even if you have never been to Florida before you retire, nobody is lonely in the state for long. It is full of friendly people, many of whom are of a similar age and have had similar life experiences. The social life here caters to the older generation with many clubs and societies set up to cater to them and lots of different ways to make friends and enjoy a great social life.

Thoughts News

Florida is a great place to be if you like arts and culture. Miami holds the Art Basel festival every year and this is a popular attraction. The state is close to Latin America so there is lots of Latino culture and art in evidence here. For the more active seniors, there is also Thoughts News, as well as Universal Studios to enjoy and take the grandchildren to.

These are the top six reasons why millions of Americans dream of living in Florida when they retire and many of them have already moved.

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