Startup Network Perception Raises $13M Series A

Last month Coro, a New York and Israeli cybersecurity firm, opened an office in Chicago and more recently a Chicago-based Thoughts News startup just secured new funding.

Thoughts News

On Tuesday, Network Perception announced that it raised a $13 million Series A funding round. The round was led by The Westly Group, a VC firm that invested in Tesla back in 2008 as well as other early-stage startups. According to Network Perception, the company has raised $15.73 million in venture funding to date.Now, the startup operates out of Chicago and provides network audit, verification and compliance solutions to clients.


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“As the number and severity of attacks on our physical infrastructure increases, state-of-the-art network protection and compliance becomes more critical,” Danny Cotter, a partner at The Westly Group, said in a statement.

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Using its NP-View platform, Network Perception can create a visual network map.According to the company, its platform can identify and manage network vulnerabilities before they become serious threats. The platform is also ISA/IEC compliant as well as NERC CLIP compliant.

Thoughts News

“The security of critical OT assets is essential to public safety and the operation of everyday services that we all rely on — from energy delivery to manufacturing and transportation,” Robin Berthier, Network Perception CEO and co-founder, said in a statement.“This infusion of funding will allow us to take network security to a new level, bringing greater control and visibility to administrators and eliminating potential weaknesses before they are exposed.In today’s operational technology environment, this is not only important but imperative.”

Thoughts News

With the new funding Network Perception says it works on building strategic partnerships as well as creating new features for its platform. It will also seek to expand into new markets. Additionally, the company announced that it will debut new features for its NP-View Platform in the coming weeks.

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