Georgia Congresswoman hits the campaign trail?

Weeks before the primary election, incumbent Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene hit the campaign trail Monday in her district, after being challenged on her re-election bid for allegedly being an insurrectionist.

Leaving some of her constituents to wonder if she is a viable candidate after the allegation and several controversies circulating in the media about her.

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Local 3 News asked Representative Greene why she deserved to be on the ballot after the charge was brought against her regarding her involvement in the Capitol riot, and if the allegations were true as a clarification for Georgia voters.
No it’s absolutely not true, and our voters here in the district know it’s not true,” she said, and referenced that no one seemed to point out the BLM riot anymore.

Some Georgia voters were at one of her campaign stops in Lafayette, Georgia to weigh in whether or not she was a viable candidate.

“She takes a beating, she constantly gets beat up, constantly gets taken out of context, but the people of Northwest Georgia who have met Marjorie Taylor Greene know it’s all nonsense,” said Bill Buoni, a Northwest Georgia resident and supporter of Representative Greene who was holding a sign on her behalf.
However, not all who showed up were supporters.

“Clearly supported not honoring the integrity of the election process, she tried to overthrow the legitimate government by her actions,” said Alex Boyle, another Northwest Georgia voter who said he formerly aligned with the Republican Party.

Actions he said such as the rhetoric she used that some charged may have incited the violence at the capitol, and that her actions went against the 14th amendment of the constitution. All of this, swaying his vote, he said.

“She helped solidify me not being for Republicans,” he said.

Buoni said Representative Greene did not support an insurrection or incite violence by her rhetoric. He claimed it’s actually her outspokenness on other issues he feels are important that will get her re-elected.

“The last thing we want is a representative that goes along and gets along with some of the nonsense that we see coming out of DC,” said Buoni.

Several republicans are trying to become the new representative of the 14th Congressional district, including Charles Lutin who mainly wants to unseat Marjorie Taylor Greene.
He said we can retain republican values, without antagonistic behavior or even an insurrection charge. He maintains people in Representative Greene’s own party don’t think she is a viable candidate, including himself.

“So toxic and so far out on the fringe that I can’t imagine that there are dozens of congressmen who will take a call from Marjorie Greene,” said Lutin.

Which begs the question, if there is a lot of opposition how would the Congresswoman get anything passed if re-elected? She said if re-elected she hopes the GOP will recognize the importance of the issues she brings forth and be unified so they can push policies.

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“To work for the American family, the American business, especially our border and focusing our tax dollars here at home,” she said. “When we unify and push those policies, it’s not just going to be about Republican voters it’s going to be about every single American and I think that’s going to be good for the whole country.”

In the meantime, she is fighting for votes and to keep her name on the ballot.

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