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Is 242 Williamstown Rd in Berlin, NJ For Sale?

You’re probably wondering if 242 Williamstown Rd in Berlin, NJ is for sale. This property is located in Berlin Boro, NJ and has 133 residents. There are currently 34 properties listed for sale on the street. The average sales price of homes on Williamstown Rd is $148k. Read on to find out if this property is right for you! We’ve also included some important facts about the area, including the estimated property value of the surrounding properties.

248 Williamstown Road

In the Borough of Berlin, NJ, the median home price is $148K. With 27 properties and 26 addresses on the street, you can find the perfect house to fit your needs and your budget. This street has a total assessed value of $103,800 and is located in Berlin, NJ. There are 133 residents in the neighborhood, and there are currently 34 property listings for sale. As of 9/20/2011, the average home sale price in Berlin is $148K.

Thoughts News

Back To Reality Corporation is a business in Berlin, NJ. The business was established in the forties and has an estimated $114K in annual revenue. Located at 248 Williamstown Road, the building is a 2-story brick row home with 988 square feet of habitable space on 0.89 acres. Recent tenants have been at the property for more than two years, and the property features a garage.

133 residents

Located in Berlin Boro, New Jersey, 116-396 Williamstown Rd has 133 residents and 34 property listings. There are 23 properties on Thomas Avenue with an average lot size of 98,312 ft2. The median home value is $241,172, and the average property tax is $8,672 per year. The average home was built in 1966 and is located on a 2.26-acre lot.

780 square feet

248 Williamstown Road, Berlin, NJ is a single family detached home with 780 square feet of living space and a $103,800 assessed value. It was built in 1958 and last sold on 9/20/2011 for $1. This home is in need of some cosmetic work but is still in good condition. If you’re looking to make some quick cash, 242 Williamstown.Thoughts News. Road may be a good choice

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