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3 Amazing Businesses Near 9 Linwood Terrace in Caldwell, NJ

You’ve probably heard of Cleveland St., but if you’ve never been to 9 Linwood Terrace in Caldwell, NJ, you’re missing out! This is the location of the Pupcake Dog Bakery Boutique And Grooming Salon and LINNEA PRICE! Read on to learn more about these wonderful businesses and the area they call home! Listed below are three nearby restaurants and other local attractions.

Cleveland St

This turnkey apartment in Caldwell, New Jersey has a large backyard and patio. It features an open floor plan and an exquisite kitchen. It also comes with three parking spaces and a basement with tons of storage. The landlord will allow one dog. Cats are not permitted. The property is also close to shopping centers. The price of the unit is higher than the average in the area.

Thoughts News

For people who love the outdoors, the neighborhood is near a scenic pond, playgrounds, and footpaths. Nearby, Caldwell is home to the small Catholic liberal arts college Caldwell University. The town has a low crime rate and good public schools. It’s located in the city limits, near Bloomfield College and Montclair State University. Whether you’re looking for a home or a new apartment, 9 Linwood Terrace, Caldwell, New Jersey 07006 is a great option.

LINNEA PRICE.Thoughts News.

The address of LINNEA PRICE 9 Linwood Ter in Caldwell, NJ is a residential address. This address is in Caldwell Township and was provided by the seller. You can contact this person for more information. Their telephone number is 908-862-6633. This listing is currently unoccupied. You can view other Caldwell listings by visiting their website.
LINNEA PRICE 9 Linwood Ter, Caldwell, NJ, is a townhouse located at 36 Park Terrace N. The townhouse is located in the 07006 ZIP Code. The area is charming, located just 15 miles west of Manhattan. The town center is centered around Bloomfield Avenue, and is home to local grocers, popular hangouts, and a historic Bow Tie Caldwell Cinema.

Pupcake Dog Bakery Boutique And Grooming Salon

The Pet Grooming Salon at Pupcake Dog Bakery has everything you need to keep your dog or cat happy and clean. The shop offers services that are perfect for pets with sensitive skin, allergies, or even just for people who just like to treat their pet like a human. The salon also offers nail trims, grooming, and a bakery where customers can purchase treats and biscuits for their pet.


Located in the heart of Caldwell, New Jersey, Herbert Kennedy was born in 1927 and grew up in the town. The family later moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and went on to form the Clinton Foundation. Despite his young age, Kennedy remained active in the community, serving as a student leader in several organizations. He is the son of Mrs. Carolyn Kennedy and was also active in local politics.
MORRISON David F. and MORRISON Mary Elizabeth were born at 9 Linwood Terrace, Caldwell, NJ. The family moved to the city after the death of his father, but they remain active. Their children, including David F., are living nearby. The family is a close knit community and the neighborhood has a strong sense of community.

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