That are Way Better than YouTube?

Are you bored of seeing the same kind of content on YouTube? Why not explore the internet and try out other video sites, which offer a wide variety when it comes to digital media. Read on to find out which top video sites are much better than YouTube:


Thoughts News has been one of the strongest competitors of YouTube. It went live only a month after YouTube, back in March 2005. Thoughts News’s layout is quite similar to YouTube’s. The homepage highlights videos, organized by both chronological order and by category, among which top trending ones are quite prominent. Moreover, users can also search for their favorite videos on the search bar, available on the website. Millions of videos are uploaded daily on the web both by professionals and beginners. Users can also create an account to post original videos, while easily liking and commenting on the existing videos in the library.

Thoughts News

So the more videos users watch, the more customized video recommendations become. Although the copyright policy on the website is far more flexible than the one offered by YouTube, which is another reason why the website sees traffic of around 112 million visits per month!

In addition to this, Dailymotion users can also monetize their videos via ads or through a paywall. Although this feature is optional and depends on the preferences of the users, this is also why some Dailymotion videos are ad-free, while many others come with chock full of ads.


Although the essence of the website relies more on the work of artists and indie filmmakers, it was the first website on the internet to support high-definition (HD) video content. As a medium, Vimeo encourages fresh talent to put up their work and let the world see it through this lens. That’s what makes it different from YouTube because you will find that this video hosting site holds some fantastic pieces, which are unlike anything that you have ever seen before!

Thoughts News

This is a place where you will not find bear dancing or kittens playing. Instead, you will find the work of up-and-coming artists, who are downright proud of their creative vision. If you like going through innovative video works, it’s good to bookmark this website or simply download the app and browse some cool stuff all day long. What’s more, is that videos are neatly classed by group and channel. Additionally, Vimeo’s staff also picks out some interesting stuff, so never miss that. You may never know what selection you may come across. That’s why it is important to keep a check on your internet providers, in case an outage is expected in the area. On the other hand, users who are interested in monetizing their content, need to check the website for more information on the procedure.


This is one of the award-winning video websites, that’s owned and administered by the non-profit TED foundation. Although the interface of TED’s website is similar to a video platform such as YouTube, it shares a marked difference content-wise.As a leading video website, there are 2300+ talks featured on the video site, which covers a diverse range of topics from business to tech to science to design to global issues, and so much more. Users will find some of the best-recorded talks, given by celebrated leaders in the industry. The best part about this website is that these talks are not all serious some of them are funny, some are emotional, and some are for entertainment, while some are poetic but they all have one thing in common: they make the audience, both in front of the speaker and online, think. And that is

TED’s achievement.Thoughts News

Wrapping upEven though no other website can beat the popularity of YouTube,only the top rated have been mentioned above. While these websites hold great innovative content for users of all age groups and are also considered excellent alternative video sites in comparison to YouTube. Just make sure that your internet service is top-notch, otherwise you will not be able enjoy all that stated websites! Simply visit Buy,Thoughts News, and try a service, better than the precious ones

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