How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Gogoanime Review

If you don’t know what this series is about, read on to learn more about Kazuya Souma and his journey. This series follows the adventures of the young boy Kazuya, who saves his kingdom from an evil witch.

Kazuya Souma

Kazuya Souma is an unorthodox hero who rebuilds the kingdom after the Great War. He is the only person in the kingdom who has not died in a battle. He is also a realist hero who has a strong will to succeed. His determination to make Amidonia a better place is what makes him stand out from the rest of the heroes.

The story revolves around a 19-year-old modern Japanese. His grandfather died when he was still in high school. His grandfather taught him to marry and lead a fulfilling life. He sees a way out of unnecessary conflict and has the perfect plan to get the envoy’s approval.

In the third season, Kazuya Souma becomes the ruler of the Elfrieden Kingdom after his elves defeat a demon army. His realist idea of heroism translates into practical solutions for the country’s ailing economy. He must rally talented individuals to help him rebuild the country and its economy after the Great War.

Souma is the most competent housekeeper of his royal family. In fact, his skills and knowledge are so advanced that he can beat Roroa and Juna. His housekeeping skills far surpass those of his predecessors, and he suspects he is Older than the goddess Tiamat. This story of heroism can be seen in various genres, including manga, anime, and video games.

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Gogoanime Review

In the first season, Kazuya meets his new friends, including Tomoe Inui, a Mystic Wolf. Tomoe is a homeless refugee who speaks with animals. She convinces Kazuya that Tomoe has value and helps him with his duties. Afterwards, Tomoe becomes Kazuya’s sister-in-law and Liscia becomes her adoptive sister.

In the second season, Albert abdicates and is replaced by Liscia as the new king. When the plot is revealed, Albert is left with no choice but to abdicate to Kazuya. Meanwhile, the new king must make his plans for redevelopment of Van. Albert, however, is suspicious and sends his granddaughter Canaria to spy on Kazuya and his enemies.

Kazuya Souma is a realist hero

In this anime, a young man named Kazuya Souma, betrothed to a princess, finds himself unexpectedly transported to another world. With a practical concept of heroism, Kazuya is determined to rebuild the kingdom and raise its standard of living. To do this, he gathers talented citizens to help him and restore his country.

During this time, the adventurers’ quest has come to a close, and the rebels have been killed. During their victory celebration, Kazuya disguises himself as Little Musashibo and attends the celebration. While he is there, he accidentally gets drunk while celebrating, which prompts Liscia to tease him about Yuno.

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To win the war, Kazuya must work to build his kingdom. In order to do this, he must gather enough money to pay war tribute. This means selling the country’s unneeded national treasures to raise the money for the war. He also uses a mass-media system, called the Royal Jewel Broadcast, to gather his subordinates. Souma uses modern Earth ideas and tactics to defeat the Demon Lord and annex Amidonia.

Albert is the previous king of Elfrieden before Kazuya. He is friendly and weak. After Kazuya’s father abdicated, Albert tells him of an alternate timeline in which Kazuya was prime minister. The previous time he had been murdered, banished, and destroyed. When he learns of this new timeline, Albert agrees to make Kazuya king.

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During the first episode, Kazuya tries to re-establish his kingdom. He introduces free school lunches for the children and hopes to expand his education center to teach more advanced subjects. Meanwhile, he also visits a refugee camp outside the city walls. While visiting the refugee camp, illegal slavers try to kidnap the children. Afterward, Kazuya decides to visit the chief of the refugee camp to learn their language.

Kazuya Souma rebuilds the kingdom

But he faces a tough task: the envoy from the Gran Chaos Empire wants to punish him for waging war. To make his plan successful, Kazuya Souma must convince the envoy to approve his plan.

Before his coronation, Kazuya introduces himself using his family’s Japanese name. The name “Souma” has become a popular nickname, as it is more familiar to people in the Kingdom. During the coronation ceremony, however, Kazuya took on the family name “Elfrieden” and gave up his given name. He was the first prince of the kingdom to be crowned.

His new relationship with Genia, the last noble family of Maxwell, is the catalyst that binds the two. Unlike his previous marriage, Genia is an idealistic genius and an Overscientist who specializes in technology and artifacts.

Kingdom Gogoanime Review.

After the war, Kazuya is elected King and starts rebuilding the kingdom.

The first part of How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom was released in 2021. Since the first season was a hit, part two is now airing on Gogoanime. The second part is expected to be just as successful, as the first part.

As the first season begins, Kazuya must decide between marrying Liscia and assuming the throne. However, the queen is adamant that her husband stole the kingdom, and the other princes are suspicious. But Liscia gradually realizes that her husband’s other plans were well thought-out. Eventually, she convinces Albert to let Kazuya become King.

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