Advanced warehouse management system, ability to create multiple product categories, integration with marketplaces, inventory functions, accounting and administration, multilingual store, numerous payment options, all with maximum flexibility, reliability and security: Magento is a content management system platform chosen by more than 40 % of eCommerce is all and


Magento is a very complex system: for this reason, our company ( has prepared a practical guide to explain how this well-known CMS works, what advantages it offers and how to evaluate if it can be the right choice for your online store.


Known for its high level of customization and performance, Magento is one of the best CMS most used and appreciated by those who are building their own eCommerce site

Created in 2008, Magento is an open-source platform, so you can modify and integrate it to suit your needs. Flexibility, as we will see, is one of the strengths that make this CMS suitable for any type of company and effective for any kind of online business.

This platform guarantees professional management of a large number of products, allows for wide and creative customization of visual design, is linked to multiple payment methods, allows the development of a clear and well-organized online catalog and, thanks to numerous integrations, meets a wide variety of needs.This means that it is not your online store that has to adapt to the CMS, but rather Magento meets your real needs and the marketing strategy you want to implement: this is why we can say that choosing Magento means choosing the leader of this market.


What are the secrets of its success and why Magento is today chosen by some of the most important companies in the world, and the transaction volume reaches 155 billion dollars? Let’s see it together.

1. Simplicity

Magento is quite intuitive: you won’t feel disoriented in front of its interface, and it allows you to create sites that are in turn well organized and easy to navigate. This means that it is appreciated both by those who have to manage the back-end, i.e. the company, developer or webmaster, as well as by the end-users who will use your online store.

However, it is important to know that you will most likely need a specialist in this CMS in order to better develop your site, as many of the features require an expert eye.

2. Scalability

Magento is designed so that it can evolve as your business grows: if you need a simple control panel in the first phase of your online business, perhaps after a while your needs will become much more clearly articulated, for example, because you are moving to a much larger number of products and therefore shipments. That’s why this CMS grows with you and scalability is another one of its strengths.

3. Specific design for e-commerce

Unlike other CMS, Magento was created specifically for the development of e-commerce sites: this means that all of its features are focused on building a great online sales service, which is what the company itself thinks about.In addition, both the basic options and those that can be inserted with additional plugins are designed in detail to meet the needs of an online store.

For example, it’s interesting to know that Magento offers various integrations and tools that allow you to quickly organize products, customize navigation and catalog content, for example by inserting well-articulated and detailed descriptions and image carousels.

A particularly popular option is zooming, which allows you to zoom in until you see specific details. This feature is very useful if, for example, you sell clothes or accessories online in your store: your customers will be able to zoom in on the images and see details of the fabrics, colors, and features of the items being sold.

As you can imagine, these tools offer the user a more enjoyable and accurate shopping experience, thereby easing their path to purchase to increase customer satisfaction.

In short, Magento’s intent is to please everyone: you and your company, the developers who run the site, and the users who navigate through the pages and need to be able to make purchases quickly with “clicks”.

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