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How easy is it to get more followers on Instagram?

In 2021, Instagram had one billion active users and the number is constantly growing. The social platform focuses mainly on photos and videos, becoming a competitive place for other websites of this type. Thanks to it, your voice will be heard well. This way, you will gain followers needed to grow your business, show your brand or share things that are important to you. Some Instagram users are also looking for more followers to find more people with like views and interests. Get your Instagram app and some creative ideas ready and we’ll help you find your audience with the new Instagram features. We’ll also show you some simple methods for establishing a relationship and making your search easier. While you can buy Instagram followers Canada from us,

1 – Use of Instagram rollers

Imagine if you could create an Instagram ad for a business or person that everyone would see. Instagram recently introduced a new feature that offers users the ability to share up to 30-second videos of music using the Instagram music library.

Where are the rollers?

The roll function takes an important place in the mobile application and it will surely attract new followers. Rolls are seen by all users, not just people watching you. Create something catchy and unique and you will soon find yourself in front of the eyes of people who can easily become your observers. Rolls can be found in your profile, so existing and new followers can quickly find the content there. An Instagram short roll can be an effective solution for building a longer video as the reels are presented to people interested in similar content – not necessarily just your followers. We also recommend buying Instagram views to further increase your chances of reaching the Explore page.

As portrayed above, here is a short model:

Create a short video on the topic. Don’t reveal too many details. Tell viewers to check your profile or channel. Post your video as a roll. Instagram users who are not your current followers will be able to see this video. I hope they will follow you.


Create your own IGTV series. Creating your TV series on Instagram allows you to gain new followers. More and more people are now using social platforms such as Instagram. Giving a progression of recordings about something you care about gives IG clients motivation to follow you. Videos also increase your Instagram engagement and will likely attract new followers to your profile.


You can make a culinary or fashion series by showing your skills – e.g. how to make and cook pasta or how to recreate your favorite celebrity’s outfit using clothes from cheaper brands. Do you want to provide interested people with information about wine? Make a series about making taste tests and share your knowledge about vineyards, dates and grapes. The possibilities are endless – it depends only on your imagination. You can easily find IGTV using your profile with your own IGTV tab. Thanks to this, your users will easily find the content posted there.

2 – Be available and diverse

Customizing your content for people with different needs is quick and easy. Some users have auditory and visual impairments. Facebook also reports that 85% of video and audio content is muted. The auto-closed captions in your IGTV movies are available in 16 languages.

How do your followers watch your videos?

Users are more likely to watch the video when they can see the subtitles attached to it. This will be especially true when they are at the workplace. They may also not want to disturb others. It is also important to speak clearly – then the captions will be clear and understandable. Your voice doesn’t always have to be heard literally. You can make it read at least. Making these changes is an easy way to accommodate people who may have previously had trouble accessing your video.

Social Affairs

Diversity also includes giving your opinion about any number of social issues. Representing a cause you believe in helps you integrate with similar communities and increases loyalty to your brands. It allows people to get to know your opinions on social topics. Talk about causes and where individuals can chip in, make a move, or make a gift.

Civic Example – NFL:

Make a declaration of voting in the general election. Tell followers how important it is to help select representatives. You don’t have to say who you vote for. Like significant brands like the NFL, energize planning and enlistment.

Social topics are the norm

Almost three-quarters of Instagram and other social media users expect big companies to take a stand on important issues. You, on the other hand, can easily adapt your position to the majors to spread the word about yourself and your beliefs.

3 – Work with micro-influencers

A portion of your cherished forces to be reckoned with have a great many devotees. They are also not motivated to promote you and are less likely to interact.

What is micro influencer?

Micro-influencers are people with 10,000 to 100,000 followers.

What should I ask for?

Ask to share a post that interests both your users and followers of the influencer. Then take advantage of the increased involvement of a micro-influencer who is struggling to keep up with millions of followers. Simply put, you have a better chance of engaging with a large number of micro-influencers than much larger influencers who often discuss similar topics. Therefore, working with micro-influencers will give you more followers.

4 – Create authentic content that can be shared

Authentic content simply opens up to your followers. Share your thoughts, whether they are positive, negative, bizarre or detailed. Share emotions and real feelings with your followers. They will know that you are human too and will appreciate your transparency. The Instagram algorithm prefers posts with a lot of commitment, and honest post is an easy way to get to the site, i.e. Explore. This will make your content discoverable by new users. You can also buy Instagram likes from us to increase your chances of reaching the Explore feed.

5 – Be human

Users want to interact with the human, transparent posts you create. So make sure you are available enough to reply to some direct messages. This is to make contacts. Direct interaction tells users that you care and can lead to more followers. Share a struggle that most people understand. You can talk about the frustrations of cooking a healthy meal, the positives about someone in your life, or your thoughts about the future. Almost everything will be fine. Just be real. You can also share your struggles with Instagram users who offer their solutions. This way, your and their brand can gain new followers.

6 – Promote Instagram content on other platforms

Some of your social media accounts connect and can be used to get more Instagram followers. Creating accounts on popular and constantly developing social platforms, such as TikTok or Pinterest, can lead to acquiring more followers. TikTok and Pinterest make it easy to find like-minded people on multiple social networks and gain more audience.

You have a lot of tools

Use every communication method available – from email to your own website, to connect people to your Instagram profile and find more followers no matter what channel they visited.

Multiple accounts, multiple networks

Lots of people use a lot of social networks and may not find you on other platforms for various reasons. A simple linking of other profiles to your Instagram and vice versa can expand your internet presence.

7 – Create detailed signatures

While photos and videos are very important on Instagram, writing detailed descriptions can also attract more followers. The length of Instagram inscriptions has doubled in recent years. As with sharing personal feelings, detailed captions can cover everything from the DIY project creation process to extended feelings about the topic.

Combine details with social themes

The detailed captions also combine well with social and political themes. Combine a simple sentence with statistics and other information. Add your opinion and feelings on the topic. If possible, tell a life story about the situation. Tell users why you feel the way you are. They will be better connected with you and will start watching you. The signature may seem long, but that’s okay. A long, well-written signature can be important to any user.

Descriptions help you search

Longer and detailed captions also make searching easier. Simply using meaningful keywords allows Instagram users to find your content more easily when using the site. For example, you can describe a pair of shoes with lots of details and adjectives, ranging from color and style to telling users how comfortable the shoes are.

8 – Make your profile searchable

Instagram, similar to Google, works like an internet searcher, and your profile works like a site Search engines are fed with keywords, which are relevant, popular words typed by users seeking to find specific topics. As with Google, the most relevant words in users’ searches will appear first. Merely putting keywords in your username and bio can lead to more followers searching for specific terms. It is also a guarantee of getting a better place in the Instagram ranking.

Treat your Instagram profile like a website

It’s easy to understand which words are related to your niche. Use them in your profile. If you are a family photographer, you can use terms such as “camera”, “family photos” or “memories”.

Searching for users – get found

When users search for your topic, you have a better chance of gaining new followers because you have included specific keywords related to their search in your profile. Be sure to include information about your industry in the name and username field. Both fields are searchable and visible to potential followers. They should be used for free and easy profile display. Just like on Google, these simple methods to optimize your profile easily can lead you to the top of Instagram search results. Just add the right keywords.

Making small changes to your profile is one way to take advantage of Instagram’s search and algorithms. Optimizing doesn’t even require creating new content.

9 – Go live

Instagram offers many opportunities to attract new followers. Live allows an unedited video stream to be published live along with living commentaries and interactions. You can offer a product demonstration, demonstrate skills or talk about your favorite cause in an authentic way. The audience can then interact with you immediately.

Sell Life

You can also sell live via Live using Instagram Checkout and the Facebook Store to allow users to purchase instantly. Express enthusiasm for your products and brand. Show how great your newly developed mascara looks while selling it in real-time to your followers via live video. You can answer questions right away and explain all sorts of details.

Life is easy

Live video does not require a lot of technical knowledge. A rough video of how you demonstrate your knowledge makes you more human and can add some spontaneity to your footage even when well planned.

10 – Create a challenge or game – something interactive

Challenges allow Instagram brands and users to spread original ideas related to specific companies or products. Recently, the Bathtub Challenge competition encouraged users to dress and sit in an empty bathtub while taking a selfie.

Keep you entertained in more difficult times

During the recent lockdowns, Instagram users offered online games with winner predictions to create challenges and interactions to help you gain new followers. One user created interactive ping-pong and quickly reached 100,000 viewers per game.

Effective examples

A less ongoing illustration of the ice can challenge for ALS. The challenge was very simple – make a donation to the ALS Foundation or pour a bucket of ice water over your head while challenging a few other users to make the decision for themselves. The ALS Foundation raised awareness of its cause and also raised money. Create a hashtag or find a way to tag your event so that it is instantly recognizable to your followers. When they view and share your posts, your visible engagement increases and you have a chance to find new audiences. Come up with a creative and easy idea to make and ask your users to share your challenge. Do you have a game of your own that you play with your friends and family? Make it happen,

11 – Create your own hashtag

Many influencers and companies use hashtags to create a memorable, short way to search, remember, and interact. Make a hashtag that is remarkable to you and your business or specialty. Urge clients to impart it to other people.

A good example from Coca-Cola

While coming from a big brand, #ShareACoke is a well-known and very successful example of hashtag creation. Working with other major stars and influencers, #ShareACoke has increased brand awareness by appearing on personalized labels on Coca-Cola bottles. Users found out about the program through #ShareACoke and had the chance to buy a bottle of Coke in a store or print their own label. They could send a Coke to family or friends and “share” the bottle. If someone creates interesting content using your hashtag, they’ll help you get more followers.

12 – Create memes that your audience will understand

Memes are a quick and effective way to arouse interest in a product and brand. While the definition of a meme varies, its role is usually to pictorialize feelings about people, products, or brands.

This is how we communicate

Most young users use memes to communicate on a regular basis both via social media and with friends, and understand the references to the most common images. Some popular memes involve situations in which the meme expresses certain feelings. You can also easily add text to most of them. Connecting to the latest popular shows or ideas can be especially helpful in finding more followers to make you laugh, elicit the expected reactions, and raise awareness about your Instagram presence.

Find people like you

Instagram users often follow memes as they reach people with a similar sense of humor or interests. Meme generators are also available online from many websites to help you create them. You don’t need Photoshop to make an effective meme. Use another simple image maker app to add filters and colors to match your current brand. Get people to recognize memes as yours.

13 – Create custom filters

Filters have come a long way. In the beginning, Snapchat and Instagram only offered filters that let users add cat ears, sunglasses, or a dog licking the screen. It is now possible to add your own filters to your posts for others to enjoy by allowing new and existing followers to create creative content using filters. They can be very simple, e.g. just background for other users.

Your brand on the screen

The main advantage of filters is that there is no doubt who created them. The username and brand name are always visible in the filter you create. Create an interesting filter that people will want to use. Connect it with your brand and get new followers. Filters are an effective way to make something useful for current and future followers. They can also share with their friends and your name still appears on the filter! Filters require little technical knowledge. Creating them is more about creativity and ingenuity than computer skills. Do you want to create a filter that shows the unique color that you use for the dresses you sew? Make it look like someone else is wearing them by using a filter you made.

14 – Connect with other brands

When you are trying to build an Instagram image and gain more followers, you can connect with other brands. Find ones that offer similar thoughts, ideas and beliefs and you will reach an audience similar to yours, so sharing your post can be beneficial for both brands. Many companies already have followers like yours, so this combination will help you gain new followers.

Connecting with other brands is cheap

Connecting with other brands is also more efficient and cheaper. Instead of buying sponsored ads or posts for 25 times the price, you can do your own creative promotion by collaborating with a similar Instagram user and letting your audience try your products so they can promote you as well.


Like all social media, Instagram allows you to socialize while being educated and entertained. You don’t need technical knowledge to create filters, IGTV series, or interact with companies and brands. The easiest way to get more followers is Introducing yourself as a person who wants to connect can also be a great help in preparing to interact with new and existing users who have something in common. Understanding what your visitors are looking for and matching those words and topics on your profile can also make your search easier. Also, take a look at the new features on Instagram – they help you share ideas and be more often in front of new users. Combining your creativity and finding the right audience will quickly increase your Instagram followers.

Instagram offers simple ways to find more followers with short videos that lead to long-lasting relationships with your users. Get your camera and phone ready, follow our tips, and be ready to connect with new followers.

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