how to facetime on android

Let’s be honest: living in the Android universe is amazing. When it comes to selecting the hardware and software tweaks that actually make our devices distinctive and unique, Android users have a plethora of possibilities. We frequently obtain these features years before other platforms, if at all. However, messaging and video conferencing with our Apple-obsessed friends has been a source of frustration. Despite the fact that there are other acceptable alternatives, these people still prefer to use iMessage and FaceTime. The good news is that we will no longer be excluded from FaceTime calls. So let’s get started and figure out how to use FaceTime on an Android phone.

What Exactly Is FaceTime?

First, let’s go over what FaceTime is and how it works.

Apple’s FaceTime video and audio calling service.It is available for free on all compatible Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod touch. Anyone who has one of these devices can call anyone other who has a compatible device, as long as they have the phone number or email address associated with their Apple ID.

While FaceTime is primarily a video-calling app, the FaceTime Audio feature allows for voice-only calls. If your plan has a restricted number of minutes, this is an alternative to making phone calls. You may even use FaceTime to share your Mac’s screen, and screen sharing on iPhone is available in iOS 15 and later.

FaceTime is so convenient since it comes pre-installed on every iPhone and Mac. When you set up an iPhone, you must check-in or sign up for an Apple ID, which means a video call with anyone you know who has an iPhone is just a tap away. You won’t have to mess around with creating new accounts or downloading a new app.

how to facetime on android

Your Apple buddies must initiate the video conference, but your role as the recipient is simple.

  1. To join the call, tap the FaceTime link.
  2. Enter your name here (or a fun nickname).
  3. Tap the Continue button.
  4. Allow your device’s microphone and/or camera to use any necessary permissions.
  5. Tap the Join button.
  6. Wait for the person who sent the invitation to invite you to the conference call.
  7. Make use of your video call.
  8. When you’re ready to hang up, tap Leave.

That’s all there is to it – simply accept the link and join the call.

While on the conversation, you’ll have access to onscreen options for things like muting and unmuting your phone’s microphone, turning on and off your camera, using full-screen mode, and moving from your selfie camera to the front-facing camera. You can even enable grid layout to show all participants at once, similar to other video chatting services like as Zoom or Google Meet.

What Is the Android App for FaceTime?

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest FaceTime alternatives available on Android. If none of them work for you, here are some additional amazing apps for making free conference calls.

Google Duo

Google Allo and Google Duo were released in 2016. Allo was a text-messaging program that was discontinued, although Duo is still available and is the company’s closest replacement for FaceTime. It has a pared-down UI with a focus on video calling, similar to FaceTime.

The duo is well-optimized for bad connections, so you should get a clear call even if your network is subpar. It allows for group calls of up to 32 individuals, as well as the opportunity to leave a short message if the other person does not answer the phone.

Duo also uses phone numbers for contacts, making it easier for your pals to join because they don’t need to create a Google account.

Google Duo allows voice calling if you don’t require a full video call. When someone contacts you, it also offers a function called “Knock Knock,” which allows you to see a few seconds of the other party’s live video.

Overall, Duo is the closest program to FaceTime on Android. It’s not an all-in-one messenger like Hangouts, but its simplicity appeals to certain users. The duo is also available for the iPhone and the web, so if your iPhone-owning friends don’t mind installing yet another app, they can easily call you.

Google Hangouts/Chat

Google Hangouts has gone through multiple bewildering modifications, and the service is nearing the end of its life as of this writing. Google has already transitioned business users from Hangouts to Google Chat, and consumer users will follow suit soon.

You can still use the Hangouts app for the time being, but it cautions you that it will not be available for long. As a result, we do not advise you to use this dying service. . Your Hangouts conversations will be available in the Gmail app’s Chat tab.

When Hangouts is no longer available, you’ll have to rely on this or the standalone Google Chat app.

Google Chat is a simple messenger, therefore it may not be sufficient for you. It supports video calls by producing Google Meet connections.

Android Video Chatting, With or Without FaceTime

You now understand how FaceTime works on Android. You can join FaceTime calls using links established by iPhone users, or you can try one of the finest FaceTime alternatives. Google Duo performs admirably as the Android equivalent of FaceTime, and it even allows you to video call iPhone users with the same simplicity.

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