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Can you determine if someone is inclined to cheat just by looking at them? Who is the biggest slanderer? Face reading has been used since ancient times in China. Here’s the lowdown on what your chin shape reveals about you.

The Six types of chins

1. Square Chin

People with square chins are typically believed to be incredibly gorgeous (think Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie), but they can also be very stubborn. You probably get right to the point in your interactions if you have a square chin, and you don’t try to hide what you’re thinking. A person with a square chin is less likely to compromise in order to get what they want, which might make them difficult to deal with.

2. Narrow and Short Chin

You may be more sensitive than others if you have this type of chin. Unkind words sting, and the world can appear to be a difficult place to you, but you aren’t hesitant to express your displeasure. This chin type is prone to being hot-tempered and fiery. They can also be a lot of fun in social situations, as long as no one annoys them. Keep an eye on what you say around them because they enjoy gossiping.

3. Protruding or Jutting Chin

People with protruding chins are energetic. They are usually self-assured in new settings and can be assertive at work. This tendency to be goal-oriented and driven makes them terrific leaders, but it may also make them appear overbearing. People with this chin type are likely to be regular flirts who cheat on their partners.

4. Round Chin

It is considered that if you have a round chin, you will make an excellent friend. That’s because you’re always willing to lend a helping hand to others around you. You’re considerate, caring, and family-oriented. You work hard, but you also know how to enjoy yourself. You’re a team player who prefers to be a team member rather than a leader.

5. Length Chin

People with long chins are more likely to be artistic and expressive. They are also devoted, kind, and sensitive. They actually care about assisting you in your time of need if you come to them with a problem. Unsurprisingly, persons with this chin type find it easy to make friends wherever they go.

6. Weak or Receding Chin

A person with a receding chin is thought to have the polar opposite personality as someone with a protruding chin. They may be prone to becoming weak-willed. It does not come easy to them to see undertakings through to completion. If you have a weak chin, you have a flair for diplomacy and compromise, which allows you to be the mediator in tough situations.

We’ve revealed the eight most beautiful different types of chins forms here, so which one are you?

1. V-shaped/heart-shaped chin

When it comes to changing the curve of their chin, ladies prefer this shape the most.

2. chiseled chin

This style of the chin is also thought to be attractive and striking. It is completely square at the bottom and is suitable for both sexes.

3. a chin that protrudes

This is a chin that juts forward significantly and is thus very conspicuous. The late football pundit Jimmy Hill and American TV personality Jay Leno are the most well-known male examples, while Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon is a more subtle female example.

4. dimpled chin

This is a chin with a kink in the center. The most renowned male example is actor John Travolta, but there are several female stars with slightly less obvious chin dimples, such as Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks.

5. A sagging or retreating chin

X-rays from a beauty surgeon that have surfaced considering Marilyn Monroe’s dying advise that she did have surgery early in her career to enhance her vulnerable chin. In 1950, at the beginning of her Hollywood career, she had cartilage installed on her chin.

6. a rounded chin

This is another common chin shape. It’s a little less defined than a square chin. People with round chins are believed to be warm and friendly.

7. Prolonged chin

People with lengthy chins are frequently described as artistic and expressive.

8. Narrow or short chin

If you examine Gwen Stefani’s face closely, you will see that her chin is somewhat shorter than her nose.

The modest chin, that bony projection at the bottom of your face, is a strange little body component that has sparked a surprising amount of debate among scientists.


According to Faisal Tawwab, a family practice doctor with Multicare Physicians in Orlando, Florida, the most intriguing aspect about the chin is that there is no definitive answer as to why we have one. Prevailing beliefs include helping with speech, protecting the jaw from chewing, measuring attractiveness when looking for a spouse, or a mix of all three, he tells Mental Floss.


According to a 2007 study published in the journal Medical Hypotheses, the chin may have developed to protect the jaw from the specific demands of molding our mouths to produce language. Your chin may help support part of the muscle load associated with chewing and speaking (a valid reason to want a strong one).


“The most important function of the chin is mastication [chewing] and lip continence,” says Francesco Gargano, a board-certified plastic surgeon at The Plastic Surgery Center in New

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