Know how to track a location using mobile

Do you want to know how to monitor a cell phone using its phone number? Typically, only the government, police, and network carriers have access to this technology.

So, what are you going to do? You might use a free reverse phone lookup service to track the location of the cell phone based on its number. However, this is not real-time tracking. You won’t be able to track the phone user as they move about on a map on your screen.

The only way to monitor them on a map in real-time is to utilize a specialist phone number tracker. As an example, consider Spying. In this mini-guide, we cover everything you need to know about this topic.

Why Using a Phone Number Tracker, such as Spying, is Your Best Bet

Mobile number trackers are designed to be used for tracking. They employ a combination of GPS, WiFi, and cellular signals to pinpoint the location of a device on a map. You will be able to remotely track the device’s movement in real-time with a suitable tracker, such as Spying.

Spying is a well-known remedy. It’s been featured on famous websites including TechCrunch, Android Authority, and The Reader’s Digest. You may use this app to trace the location of a phone by its number.

It tracks the device’s position as well as the phone number using the SIM card. GPS and WiFi tracking are also supported by the app to track phone location. It works with the most recent Android and iOS smartphones. It offers a web-based interface that can be accessed with any web browser.

One of the most appealing aspects of Spying is that it does not collect any personal information from you. Your personal information and data are kept private and are not available to anybody else, including the developers.

You will be provided with powerful GPS tracking features

What can you do if you have the correct phone number location monitoring software, such as Spying? The following are some of the highlights of the features you will obtain if you utilize this app:

  • An interactive map: You may trace the device on a map in real-time. When a phone user moves to a new location, it is marked on the map. You can track their whereabouts for several weeks.
  • The position log, which is located at the bottom of the tracking window, will provide you with essential information about the device’s movements. You can see the address of the place, as well as the time and date entries and geographical coordinates.
  • Google Maps compatibility: Spying now includes Google Maps. You may use Google Maps to discover more about every location visited by the phone user. In addition, the Google Street View feature allows you to view 3D images of any size.

The SIM tracker will use the SIM to monitor the phone number:

SIM card location: The program will display the SIM card’s location on a map. You can track the phone number if you track the SIM card.

Other information: The app provides further information such as the carrier information, the IMEI number, and the MCC. If you like, you may sign up to get notifications when the phone user’s phone number changes.

Option for Advanced Geofencing

On various operating systems, Spying also includes an advanced geofencing capability. You can use the geofence utility to build a watched perimeter around a specific site. You will then receive notifications when the device enters or exits the monitored zone.

Geofencing is an excellent method for automatically tracking a phone or tablet. You can set up watched zones around vital sites such as houses and schools and receive movement reports about the phone user on a regular basis.

There will be no need for you to tinker with the target device.

Spying works without requiring you to tamper with the target device. Some location trackers necessitate rooting or jailbreaking the target smartphone. This is both time-consuming and potentially dangerous. It may result in data loss and violate the device’s warranty.

Fortunately, if you utilize Spying, you won’t need to root or jailbreak your device.

Spying is a Reliable Option

Spying is a reliable software. It is currently utilized in over 190 countries and has over a million app downloads. People use this tracker to keep track of their loved ones and secure their safety. They also utilize it to ferret out cheating partners on occasion.

How to Begin Tracking the Location of a Cell Phone Right Away

How does Spying track a phone’s location? It behaves differently depending on the operating system installed on the device. In other words, it is dependent on whether the target user is using an Android or an iPhone/iPad device.

You will need to download and install a little app on their phone if they are using Android. The program is only 2MB in size and installs in minutes. Following that, it transmits tracking data to your web dashboard, which you can access from your phone or PC.

Spying pulls the iCloud account used by the iPhone or iPad on iOS. You will need the target device’s iCloud account and password. Following that, you can monitor it using your web browser. The software does not need to be downloaded or installed.


You’re probably aware that Google Maps can track your position and movements. However, you may be unaware that your Android phone is also tracking your travels and activities via a number of other built-in apps.

If you don’t want your smartphone to the song any of your moves or activities, you can disable tracking for all (or at least maximum) of them. You handiest need to be aware that a lot of your apps (along with trip-sharing apps, climate apps, and, of direction, mapping apps) may additionally grow to be much less usable — or, in a few occasions, altogether unplayable.

Final Thoughts

Spying and other specialized mobile trackers outperform other phone number tracking methods, including reverse search services. They enable you to track any phone number in real-time from your web browser.

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