How listening to james altucher podcast can change your life

James Altucher is an entrepreneur, author, and the host of “The James Altucher Show,” a prominent podcast. He also performs stand-up comedy. And, while he’s successful by most people’s standards, his road to the top has been a long one. He’s gone bankrupt multiple times throughout his life and lost practically everything, including his home and wife.

Forbes dubbed James the most interesting man in the world” in 2016. He moved from Airbnb to Airbnb with only his laptop and a few belongings.

Why is James Altucher so mentally tough?

One of the things that make James interesting is his willingness to discuss his mental health publicly. He’s battled sadness and anxiety. At times, he was suicidal.

He sees a therapist, which he frequently discusses. He also established what he refers to as “the daily practice,” a series of tactics he claims saved his life. He continues to learn new ways to improve his life, and he brings his readers and listeners along for the adventure. In his blog articles, james altucher podcast, and books, he discusses what works and what doesn’t.

James’ willingness to be vulnerable is one of the qualities that distinguishes him as a mentally strong individual. He admits that he doesn’t have all the answers for what will benefit everyone, but he does share what works for him.

Mr. Altucher is merely putting his words into action. This former software entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and financial commentator have recast himself as a gimlet-eyed self-help guru, preaching survival in an era when the American Dream — the gold-embossed college diploma, the corner office, the three-bedroom home — appears to be a fraud. As a result, he has shed all of them one by one.

Mr. Altucher’s prognosis will come as no surprise to the nervous middle class, the downsized, and the dispossessed who have fueled Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump’s seething populism.

While there is no shortage of outrage and misunderstanding about the alleged decline of the American Dream, Mr. Altucher stands out for his Cassandra-like pronouncements.

What You Can Expect to Hear on the Show

  • How to Stop ‘Going with the Flow’ in Your Life
  • Why has he been wearing pajamas for 44 days in a row?
  • How to Improve Your Skills Without Putting in 10,000 Hours of Practice
  • How to Conduct Experiments That Might Change Your Life
  • The one daily activity that can help you improve your ability to generate fresh ideas
  • How to Win a Game of Monopoly
  • Why is it that being vulnerable can lead to freedom?
  • How to Accept Responsibility for Your Mistakes (Even If They Are Embarrassing)
  • How to keep media headlines in perspective, even if media outlets want you to be anxious.

What You’ll Discover About Positive Change and Mental Strength

Behavioral experiments are frequently used in treatment. This is because many of your beliefs are most likely false.

Experiments can assist you in putting your self-limiting beliefs and negative predictions to the test. This may assist you in realizing that you are stronger, more powerful, and more competent than your brain gives you credit for.

Why You Should Pay Attention Right Now…

In this podcast episode, James gets real, open, and honest about his concerns, failures, and the wisdom he’s gained as a result of it all. He’s a terrific example of how we should strive to recover from failure and not depend our self-worth on money. He truly exemplifies brilliance.

Here are some of the abilities I’ve developed as a podcaster. These are valuable abilities that I can apply in all aspects of my life.

How to entice guests to be on the show

This is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. It’s terrifying. You must be considerate of their time, as well as what they are attempting to promote in their lives, and persuade them that they have put in the effort and are worth speaking with.

This is how you learn “permission persistence.” Not so much that it irritates. Not so little that they forget about you.

– How to conduct an interview

We must memorize a lifetime’s work and then, in one hour, remove them from their scripted messaging and encourage them to open up and share in ways they have never done before.

– How to Pay Attention.

You can’t fit a lifetime’s worth of labor into an hour. Each syllable spoken carries hundreds of stories.

You must pay close attention and not simply wait for the answer to end before asking your next scripted question.

Find the term that contains a secret hint, open it (yes…interrupt as sweetly as you can), and ask the question.

Many of his articles have been featured or published on numerous media platforms, including Yahoo Finance, TechCrunch, The New York Observer, and The Financial Times. James Altucher also offers his knowledge on his blog, which has had over 20 million views since its beginning in 2010.

In this episode, he will discuss his book, Skip the Line, as well as the 10,000-hour rule, why it is no longer applicable in today’s environment, and what he says you should do instead.

You will NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO ASK THAT QUESTION AGAIN, so you might as well do it now.

James Altucher is a successful businessman, chess master, investor, and author.

He has inspired individuals both in person and through weekly Q&A Twitter sessions by speaking on themes such as stress, fear, anxiety, money, and relationships.

James’ work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, ABC, Elephant Journal, Tech Crunch, Forbes, and CNBC, among other prominent national publications. Since its inception in 2010, his blog, The Altucher Confidential, has received over 10 million visitors, and he produces The James Altucher Show, a popular podcast. James is the author of eighteen books, including the best-selling motivational book Choose Yourself. Learn more about James Altucher’s quest to greatness by following him on social media. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and check out his Side Hustle Friday if you’re searching for a side hustle.

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