Train Crashes into 18-Wheeler Truck Trailer Killing 2

Police report a locomotive driver and engineer have been killed after their train collided with an 18-wheeler truck at a railway crossing in northeastern Thailand on Monday night.

The accident occurred at the crossing when a Nong Khai-Bangkok bound train crashed into the trailer of the 18-wheeler at approximately 7:45 pm, police said.

As a result of the impact, the locomotive was severely damaged. The 18-wheeler truck was not damaged, but the trailer was torn free and tossed into a canal beside the tracks after the train struck it.

The impact threw Mr. Wuthichai Ruang-aram, the locomotive driver, and Jennarong Chuenchoy, the train engineer, out of the train cabin and into the canal.

A total of about 100 passengers occupied the train’s nine carriages. Some passengers sustained minor injuries.

In an interview with the Bangkok Post, the 18-wheeler driver, Mr. Surachai Wongsuk, 58, said he was driving from Bung Kan province to Prachin Buri with a load of cassava chips.

The train crashed into the truck’s trailer

Mr. Surachai said he crossed the railway crossing because the safety barrier was not down. He said he was halfway across when he heard a train’s horn. He then felt the huge impact as the train crashed into the trailer, tearing it from the truck’s mounting.

According to Mr. Surachai, if the safety barrier had been down, he would have stopped his 18-wheeler.

Investigators were determining whether a railroad employee was to blame for failing to lower the barrier.

As a result of the collision, train services were disrupted. Several of the train’s sleepers were found to have been broken. Furthermore, bolts that fastened the tracks had been pulled loose as a result.

Later, a crew was called to move the train off the track and to perform repairs. By 1:45 in the morning, all repairs to the train had been completed.

Train Crashes into 18-Wheeler Truck Trailer Killing 2

18 wheeler Truck crashes, passenger killed

Meanwhile, police reported one person was killed late Monday night when an 18-wheeler trailer truck left the road and crashed into a tree and power pole in Surin, Thailand.

According to police captain Seni Chimngam of Prasart, the front of the cabin of the truck was caved in. Rescuers used hydraulic jacks to force it open and extract the driver and a woman passenger.

The driver, Narong Ngoichan, 35, sustained extensive injuries, while his passenger, Ms. Yayisa Ruangsuksud, 36, was dead from a major head injury.

An investigation was underway into the accident’s cause.

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