Is it a good idea to incorporate a company in Romania?

Incorporation of a company in Romania is possible with 100% online formation service within 5 working days. Romania has become one of the attractive places to incorporate a company. Company setup in Romania looks quite easy and simple to get through. 

During Covid-19 the situation to operate the businesses and to earn money on the developing market has changed. The registration process has been simplified since then, and some notary costs cut-off. Positive change may survive post-covid times.

The entire process of company incorporation in Romania takes usually 5 to 10 working days after getting the necessary data from an applicant. The cost to run the company and other fees are clear and there is no confusion and hidden expenses for the applicants. Price starts from 1500 euro for an all-inclusive service for tiny companies. Company

Registration packages for companies require personal interests to choose the ideal forms of businesses and can follow types of packages.

The service includes Company formation, Virtual Address & Office, Tax certificates, VAT registration, Bank account, and Financial & Legal advice which are the useful for foreign and domestic entreprenurs.

The plan of Romania company registration is so simple and easy for every interested person. Start running a company operation in whole Europe in a week. Company incorporation in Romania can be relaxing the mind of the foreign investors.

Why Romania Has Become an Ideal Place for Investors 

Beautiful mountains and acces to black see are also pluses. Growing infrastructure can also be an advantage of doing business in Romania. 

Low corporate income Tax 

The low corporate Tax Rate in Romania inspires the people to show their potential and become a part of the global world with fast growing Romanian economy. Up to 1 million euro of revenue, a 1 % tax rate of CIT applies 1%, that is a landmark of Romanian tax scheme, especially for service companies. Company formation specialists can help the interested communities to solve their inquiries and can provide their assistance to meet their objectives with step-by-step processing. Teams of tax experts are ready help entrepreneurs understand tax system in Romania. A detailed guide on corporate income tax in Romania is published periodically by

Affordable incorporation fees for Starter

Due to the low tax rate in Europe in Romania, 1500-3500 euro is the incorporation fee that is affordable for everyone and there are no hidden costs of other processing. Entrepreneurs and starters can operate their businesses to avail themselves of online opportunities and to meet their expectations according to their interests and preference levels. Choice of the business forms and operations depend upon their preferences.

Incorporation, maintenance and suspension

Incorporation is the most expensive part of LLC among other formal costs. Inactive company maintenance costs are almost nothing if accounting company offers such an opportunity. Suspension is usually a matter of a few hundred euro. Company dissolution in Romania is a more complicated process and financial statement must be released beforehand.

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