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Professional opportunities in the United Arab Emirates

A few decades ago, no one could have thought that among the desert it was possible to build a country that would outstrip many leading countries in terms of economic and technological development.

The discovery of an oil field in the last century made it possible to attract an inflow of foreign investment into the country. At the moment, the country surprises with its innovations, as well as career paths.

The development process continues tirelessly and none of the people living there is going to stop. In this regard, many want to emigrate to Dubai and work there, in search of their wealth and luxury.

Coming to the country in search of a better life, you want to immediately plunge into the world of wealth and luxury. To make it convenient to travel to interviews in different companies, rent Lamborghini Dubai, to feel like the king of life.

The situation with emigrants

Most of the country’s population is not indigenous people, but mainly emigrants. The most numerous are citizens of Asian countries. Residents of Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh come here in search of a happier life and better-paid jobs that will help provide for their families. Many people come here to work in the service sector since such work does not require specific qualifications and is in great demand.

Work in promising industries

Oil industry

Oil and gas are the main resources due to which the country builds its economy. Thanks to natural resources, a country built on a desert has turned into an incredible territory of prosperous cities. 

Fluctuations in oil and gas prices do not affect the state of the economy in any way. After all, this business will always bring high income.

Many specialists come here to realize their full potential in this field of activity. The lowest salary for an employee with 3 years of experience in this field is more than 2 thousand dollars. Top management salaries start at $ 20,000. If you want to work in this area, then for this you need to move to Abu Dhabi, because the main companies of this industry are located here.

Financial industry

The United Arab Emirates boasts several free economic zones that attract foreign investment.

Private financial management is the most developed in this country. Professionals skilled in analytics, investing and trading are always in demand. The average monthly salary of a specialist is $ 6,000-25,000, depending on the type of activity. Managers and executives earn between $ 32,000 and $ 45,000.

There are many finance companies in both cities, so you have the opportunity to choose where to move.

Air transportation

The largest airlines from the UAE have earned worldwide fame. These airlines not only provide flights on numerous routes, but they are also renowned for providing excellent service.

The average pilot salary is $ 7,500- $ 12,000, depending on the length of service. The salary of the crew members ranges from 1,500 to 4,000 thousand dollars. The salary of employees largely depends on the number of flights and experience.

Real estate industry

With the naked eye, you can see that the real estate sector in this country will always be in demand. Every month, numerous skyscrapers appear in the cities. In addition to the emerging new hotels, shopping centers, and other facilities, residential real estate is being built in cities. In recent years, private cottages have begun to be in absolute demand.

Qualified specialists receive on average from 2500 to 13 thousand dollars, depending on experience and position.

In addition to the construction, specialists are needed who can deal with the sale of real estate. In this country, there is a huge number of firms engaged in the sale of houses and apartments.


The most famous sector of this country is tourism. The tourism sector makes up a huge share of the country’s economy.

The tourism industry offers a huge number of vacancies from waiters and cleaning staff to company executives. The average waiters’ salary is $ 400. The administrator receives $ 500. The specialists of the management department earn on average $ 1,500.

If you want to work in the tourism industry, then by all means choose Dubai.

White collars

Office work involves a huge number of specialties: secretary, assistant, manager, accountant, executive.

Salary depends on experience, skills, and education. Secretaries receive on average about 2000 dollars. The average salary of a manager is 4000 dollars.

The United Arab Emirates is a country full of opportunities. Here everyone will have a chance to live a happier life. The country is open to everyone who wants to contribute to the life of the country.

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