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Instagram Likes – Why Having a Lot of Likes Is Great?

Social media networks like Instagram can become powerful conversion tools that turn your targeted audience into your customers. Having a lot of likes on Instagram can benefit you as an individual or your business.

Services such as the SimplyGram growth service can give you a competitive edge against other businesses. But before you boost your Instagram likes, look at the reasons to do so, and other common ways to do it.

Reasons to Boost Instagram Likes

There are many reasons to boost your Instagram likes no matter if you’re an individual, a small business, or an enterprise. The main ones include improving your website traffic, building your online presence, brand promotion, and an increase in conversions.

  1. Improving your web traffic

Being one of the most popular social media networks, Instagram can boost your website’s traffic. That’s a general benefit of all social media networks. If you have an active Instagram account, it’s bound to attract some potential customers.

However, your Instagram presence should be as organic as possible, with no bots and no fakes. That means that you’ll need to do some things properly. However, we’ll say a little more about that later.

  1. Building your online presence

The more likes you have on Instagram, the more you’ll be present, and there’s a greater chance that your posts will be featured. Once you achieve a larger number of likes, your posts become famous and you increase your credibility.

Also, the followers of your followers will probably end up being your followers or at least they’ll be able to see your posts. Remember, when we see a post while exploring Instagram, we see if some of our friends liked it.

If a person who we follow likes it, we’re likely to like it too. Also, we might even start following the profile.

  1. Brand promotion

Getting a lot of likes on Instagram is great because you gain a presence that you can use to promote your product or your services. Your online visibility increases a lot, and you can use your Instagram account as a marketing tool.

You don’t need to promote your brand, you can promote other brands, and you can get sponsors that provide you with their products for promotion. Sometimes, you can even broker some money for your Instagram advertising services.

  1. Increase conversions

If you’re Instagram famous, you can start selling your product, and you can get people to act. Having a significant amount of likes on your Instagram profile can even get you influencer status.

With the influencer status, you can change how people act. You can post calls to action and increase the numbers of your prospects. That’s why large businesses are turning more and more to Instagram as a marketing medium.

  1. Other social media

With a lot of Instagram likes, you’ll also be able to drive traffic to your other social media accounts. Driving traffic to your other accounts gives you more ground for marketing, and you get a chance to improve your presence on these networks too.

Ways to Boost Instagram Likes

Apart from employing a great organic Instagram growth service, you can also do a few things yourself. If you want to boost your Instagram likes, you can do these things and reap the benefits:

  • Quality photos: Unlike Facebook, which requires you to have relevant posts, your Instagram posts should be quality photos. They should have quality content and have a high quality.
  • Consistent posting: Make sure that you post consistently. When you’re inconsistent in your posts, your followers stop looking at your profile. So, apart from having quality photos on your Instagram profile, you also need to post them regularly.
  • Stories: It’s the same with stories. Posting stories regularly shows that your profile is active. Your followers can react to your stories, and this makes your Instagram presence improve. This also boosts your likes.
  • Be present: Liking and commenting on other posts get you the possibility that other users comment and like your posts. Also, some users are likely to reply to your comments and this boosts your presence on the network.

Of course, there are more ways to grow your Instagram presence and boost your likes by engaging your followers and asking them to tag their friends. You can use popular hashtags, and you can add your location.


Having Instagram likes is great because you can use them to your advantage to improve your website traffic, driving followers to other social media accounts, building an online presence, promoting brands, and increasing conversions through calls to action.

The best way to boost your likes is through using an organic Instagram growth service. However, you can also put some effort into accumulating those likes yourself by providing quality photos and being present on the network.

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