Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Land Your Job

There’s no doubt you can use social media to your advantage of many things, you can sell and you can promote products. Also, you can use it as a powerful marketing tool. But, another major advantage of social media is that you can use it to land a job.

It’s not about only having a profile on any social network like Instagram, and it’s not only about Instagram growth and knowing how to grow Instagram followers. It’s also about other creative ways to land a job using social media.

 1. Make Short Videos of Your Skills

There are more and more videos of people being creative and showcasing their skills on social media. If you are talented and artsy, it might be good to make a video of yourself performing or painting, or whatever your art is.

It doesn’t have to be art. It can be any craft, like carpentry. Make sure that you record the whole video with the end result. Also, it doesn’t only have to be a craft, it can be something related to your office job.

If it’s an accounting job, or something that’s related to programming or whatever, you can showcase your mastery of certain software. The most important thing is to film the end result and edit the speed of the video to be faster.

Recording videos that showcase your skills might give you an advantage in the job market. Instagram is a powerful social network where potential recruiters can see your work and contact you. This is quite logical. We land a job by showing our skills to the employer.

By posting on Instagram, you eliminate the application process because a recruiter usually contacts you if you’re the person they’re looking for.

 2. Post Your Achievements

During our career and education, we achieve certain things. From earning your bachelor’s degree to working 5 years at a company, these are all milestones that you should share. Posting your milestones on your social media account creatively can be quite attractive to the employers:

  • Short clip: Record a short video doing something funny or something skillful to commemorate a milestone in your life.
  • Short story: Write a short story about how you achieved that milestone, begin with something exciting and build up to the key event.
  • Interesting photo: Even an interesting photo can tell an entire story if taken properly. It sometimes takes one wonderful photo for the recruiter to contact you.

By posting your achievements on your social media profile, you create an interesting type of curriculum vitae for your potential employers to see.

 3. Showcase Your Personality

The reason Facebook is called this way is that it’s a book of faces, and sometimes we forget we aren’t supposed to be a face on social media. We’re supposed to show our personality as well.

Every social media network gives you an opportunity to present yourself using the biography section on your profile. When writing your biography, you need to remember that it should be something that you would read if it was another person’s profile. So, it should:

  • Be concise: Keep it short and to the point. No need to start the story about yourself from the beginning. Don’t state your name, your profile already has it. Use only the most important points like what you do, and who you can help.
  • Show achievements: It can be a list of chronologically ordered achievements, but you can arrange them however you’d like. The recruiters will look at your profile first, and this is definitely something they need to see.
  • Reflect interests: Add your interests, but don’t emphasize them too much. Just add something that reflects one or two interests of yours. No need to only write about your interests, because everybody has them.

 4. Get More Followers and More Likes

It’s only reasonable to say that the more followers you have, the more likes you get, the more likes you get, the more your online presence grows. Not to mention shares that can happen regularly.

The more people share your content, your posts, and your profile, the more other people know about you. This is a sure way to get noticed by potential recruiters. Although it’s not something that’s creative, you need to do creative things to get followers and likes.


The most creative way you can land a job using social media is through showcasing your skills and achievements through your posts. Also, you need to create a great unique biography that shows potential employers you mean business.

Your social media growth is equally important because the more your account gets likes and followers, the more noticeable you are online. If you feel you don’t want too much exposure, but you want growth, you can always hire a professional growth service.

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