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Attract a Large Audience to Instagram Pictures – Look How You Can Make It

There’s always a way to get attention on any social media network. However, do it healthily. This means that you should know how to attract a large audience to your Instagram photos.

Apart from knowing how to get your Instagram link to drive traffic to your Instagram account, you can also attract a large audience by using high-quality photos, appropriate hashtags, engaging captions, and good filters.

  1. High-Quality Photos

As Instagram is a social media network reliant on visuals, it’s only natural that to attract a large audience, you need high-quality photos. High quality is not only in the best possible camera but also in the content itself.

Use a high-resolution camera

Luckily, most smartphones come with great resolution cameras. Nowadays, even amateur photography can look professional with any smartphone. You just need to know how to use the camera properly.

Quality in content

You need to know what your audience wants to see, so you post that kind of content. This is quality in content. It should be relevant and it should be fresh. Also, you can follow examples that are trending.

Try to adapt your photos to the style of the trending ones. Don’t imitate the trends that can make you seem fake, and you can lose followers. Instead, use elements from the trending photo that made you look at it. Analyze it a little.

   2. Appropriate Hashtags

Attracting a large audience requires you to use good hashtags. Good hashtags are like keywords on social media. You need to do a little research before you use a hashtag. Try searching for one before you decide on using it.

Once you search for a hashtag, you can see most variations, and you’ll be able to see which hashtags are the most popular ones. Include these in your posts. These will attract attention to your Instagram photos.

 3.Tag-a-friend Captions

Using the caption is always a great way to attract a large audience to your Instagram pictures. The best way to do this is to use the “tag a friend” caption. You post a photo or picture where you’re doing something, and you ask the audience to tag a friend who would do the same thing.

This is also a great opportunity to increase the number of followers on your profile. It’s fun and engaging, and if you’re doing something funny in the photo, there’s a huge chance that someone will tag their friends in the comments.

 4. Consistency is Key

A major factor in getting your photos in front of large audiences on Instagram is consistency. When you’re consistently posting high-quality relevant photos with appropriate hashtags, you’re increasing your chances of getting noticed.

Nobody wants to follow a profile with inconsistent posts, or a profile that hasn’t been posted for a month or so. So, whatever you do, try to post regularly. This doesn’t mean that you should post for the sake of posting. It still has to be quality content.

5. Use Good Filters

Even if we don’t have a great camera with exceptional resolution, we can add filters to our photos to improve their quality, or make them seem better at least. Here are some filters that might help you have a great photo in tricky situations:

  • Hefe: Great Instagram filter that increases the saturation in your picture, and gives the shadows a darker touch. This filter can make some landscapes look exceptional because of these properties.
  • Mayfair: This filter adds contrast to your picture. The outer edges of the photo become darker and the middle of the photo is brighter, shifting the focus to the middle. It’s a great filter for taking selfies.
  • Clarendon: Simply put, this filter makes everything brighter. It’s a filter you should use when you’re on a trip and you’re getting poor weather. It might not brighten up your day, but it will give you an attractive Instagram photo.
  • X-Pro II: This filter darkens the photo, but it doesn’t mess with the colors. It only gives you darker edges, and there’s no extreme contrast. However, it will make photos you have in very bright places look more appealing.

However, you shouldn’t make yourself look fake. Remember, if you get too adjusted to what you look like in filtered photos on Instagram, you might get shocked with a regular photo. Don’t use too many filters.


Attracting a large audience to your Instagram photos can take as little as using an organic Instagram growth service, or following some great tips. So, make sure you post high quality content and high-quality photos. Also, be consistent.

Finally, research before you use hashtags and try to use the appropriate ones. Remember, using a “tag a friend” caption can get many people to your post through the comments. Hopefully, all these help you get the audience you want.

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